Du Bois Orchestra at Harvard

The Du Bois Orchestra at Harvard is a space for high-quality symphonic music making on campus. Founded in 2015 by Harvard graduate students, Karen Cueva and Kai Johannes Polzhofer, the orchestra seeks to integrate a diversity of artistic perspectives and amplify the canon of classical music. Through performing the great standard repertoire and elevating the voices of historically marginalized composers, the Du Bois Orchestra at Harvard sparks dialogue around social exclusion in the arts and culturally responsive live performance. While primarily composed of members from the Harvard community, musicians also join us from the surrounding Boston-area institutions, such as the New England Conservatory, Boston Conservatory, Boston University, Longy School of Music, and Berklee College of Music.


Sign up for free tickets to our concerts in advance at  duboisorchestra.eventbrite.com

“What has this Beauty to do with the world? What has Beauty to do with Truth and Goodness—with the facts of the world and the right actions of men? ‘Nothing’, the artists rush to answer. They may be right. I am but an humble disciple of art and cannot presume to say. I am one who tells the truth and exposes evil and seeks with Beauty and for Beauty to set the world right. That somehow, somewhere eternal and perfect Beauty sits above Truth and Right I can conceive, but here and now and in the world in which I work they are for me unseparated and inseparable.”
                                                                                                                     W.E.B Du Bois